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Dr. Moore,

I work with a country trio here in Florida.
The lead player is an old (67) school country picker.
He also plays steel guitar.
He has several amps--both Fender and Peavey.
He wants to hook up an extension speaker to his amp.
I have been trying to help him out (I know about OHMs and series and parallel circuits)--
His favorite amp is a Fender and is rated at 4 ohms.
The speaker that he wants to use is also 4 ohms.
I know that hooking up two 4 ohm cabinets will result in a 2 ohm load, and that is not a good thing.
If I change the wiring, I'll end up with an 8 ohm load, but I was told that I should NOT do this.

Is there any type of device that you can plug into, that changes the impedance of  speaker cabinets?

Is there any way to hook up an extension speaker for a guitar, besides starting with two-8 ohm cabinets to produce a 4 ohm load?

Thank you.

Thanks for asking that Mike. You want to bring a 4 ohm rated unit to the resistance of the an 8 ohm rating. I would put a resistor of the proper value inline. Resistors like you need are common and any electronic store can fix you up. I hope I under stood your plan, I have done this in the lab and on my stereo.  Tell me if this is a fix for you, I think it is.

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