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Hello Johnny

I wanna buy an electric guitar but I dont know which brand is better.
I have a limited amount of money so my choices are either the Dean vendetta xmt or the Squier affinity stratocaster.

Also one of my friends came to me and said that I should buy a Schecter.

I'm really confused between these three.

I play rock most of the time if it's relevant.

And also I'm confused between the Roland MicroCube, frontman 10G fender or the M-10 dean amplifier.


Hey Issa,

Thanks for writing back! I would go with the Squier Affinity Stratocaster and Fender Frontman amplifier. The reason, I suggest this combination is because the Squier Stratocaster will allow you to play a cross range of styles from rock to jazz to country whereas the other guitars are designed more for rock only. Out of the amplifier choices, the Fender is the best amp for the price. Let me know if you need more detailed information about the Fender/Squier products. Stay in touch...Johnny

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