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I sent you about a week ago asking about which guitar should I buy

I still have 4 days to decide

Now I have the Washburn RX10 with the Jackson JS22R Dinky, Squier Stratocaster and Dean XMT
I'm so sorry for bothering you


ANSWER: Dude you never bother me ask any time as many time as you want, please! I love guitars and talking about them. The Fender Squier Stratocaster depends on the model. I got one and remade it in to a $800.00 Guitar. Tell me what one it is? I will wait for your message and go over all at once ok? My email is kevin5518@msn.com for your records. You may need help down the road. Issa get back to me. kev

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Regarding the strat it's gonna be either bullet strat (3 single coils), bullet strat (2 single coils and 1 humbucker) or affinity strat (3 single coils)

And one of my friends told me that the neck of the Jackson will bend with time, is that true???

I pick the Squier Affinity hands down for sound, how well it is built and you can grow old with it. Truly 100% Fender. Repair parts are easy to get, stuff from any Strat will fit it.
I know people that have very old Squiers from 1973 - 1975 years. They never let them die. The new class from China are better than the more costly Made in Mexico Strats. I would need a maple fretboard. I do not like rose wood, but that is me.
I never heard of the Jackson neck bend more any other, they all do. That is why they have a truss rod. The three single coil is a classic tone  that will cover the things you play. The 5 way switch give you unbelievable tones.
Washburn is a third rate guitar, I won't even fix then. I never liked any thing Washburn made.

The Dean we talked about it is fine so is the Jackson. The Stratocaster Affinity pulled in to the front by far. I will always play a Strat. Reviews of it are on Youtube if you get to watch it on the web. I am here should you have any needs. Yes pass o the HSS that is not good go with SSS that made Fender sound great.

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Guitars and cats make life so much better. Playing the guitar is a wonderful thing, fixing you guitar is not that hard. I have played since I was a kid and started to fix guitars and the other things that needed repair. I still repair guitars for friends and myself and do enjoy it. I rebuild old guitars to their former condition, all amps and music gear. That the mystery out of where and when a guitar was made. The value of it and the difference between junk and a guitar you can grow old with. Ask me things and have some fun.


The fascination with electric guitars is the top for me. I fix amps, wiring and put the things that fall off back on. The way to really set a guitar up and make it a player. Buying a guitar is an art, and good amps that will get out that tone we all look for, Zen guitar and amplifier is a way to approach it. Better is no worry ask an expert.

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