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Picked up a dual hum with Floyd ibanez 580 or was a 508 ballback model love it but just curious on its value? It's mahogany with the plastic wood grain looking pick guard, thanks for any info!

Hey Robert,

Thanks for writing. Here is some general information. The Ibanez RGR580, also known as the RGR580M, is an RG series guitar model introduced in 1998. Special feature is the mahogany body; other features include a maple neck with maple fingerboard and reverse headstock, Ibanez made pickups and the Edge tremolo.

The RGR580 was also available left-handed as the RGR580L and with a normal headstock and rosewood fingerboard as the RG580. It was only available in Japan. The 580 was made between 1998 ans 2002. As for value, you see them selling for between $750 and $900 as of the writing of this posting. Let me know if you need any further information. If you have a serial number I can date it. Stay in touch...Johnny  

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