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Hi mr kevin,
i have schecter guitar with emg pickups.But my amplifiers are ordinary one's.I don't get the distortion effect that much.I'm a beginner & mostly all i get through these gig amp pack is clean sound.Is the distortion effect (basically used in rock/metal)depends on the guitar or the amp.If it depends on the both ,i've a very good guitar but i doubt the amp.it has
Gain,bass,treble&tone keys.can i get any desired output out of these amp?I'm just going to use this for self practice not for performing.

Fender Amp
Fender Amp  

The small amp I tested.
The small amp I tested  
Hi Mick, that is a good question.I try to avoid feed back others control it to change keys and make things for fun.The use of feed back is a skill in its' self.Three things are the keys to feed back. Volume as high as you can
get it. Gain at the top level and face the amp as you play.
My Fender Stratocaster has EMG pick ups.I tested it first. I change the battery and set it up  with my big Fender Amp,160 watts.I had the gain at the top level and same with the volume. Facing the amp from 2 meters to 8 meters. The feed back was wild and moving the guitar left and right I could control the pitch of the feed back,it changed keys, I did have fun, but as I lowered the volume on the amp the feed back did drop.The guitar was always at the top volume. I did the same with my Gretsch with the results. It has non active pick ups.
Now I think this is the problem you are looking at lack of volume that causes a drop in the gain, the two keys to
a stronge feed back.I have a small practice amp and I did not get any of little feed back.
So you are right and all I read tells us you need very high volume for a work able feed back.
I looked at some YouTube Videos to see what others like us working at home do for feed back. They  use big amps.
Mick, I do hope I was some help and that is a great guitar. If I my be of any service to please let me know!

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