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hello sir,i have an aging hohner arbor series srtat shaped electric guitar serial no f715383,would it be possible to tell me when it was made and any other relevant info such as price when new.many thanks rob

Hi Rob, sorry it took so long to get back to you. I found out that the Arbor series is a very good guitar. The serial number is not tracked Hohner or the followers. You will not see them played by the big names like Jeff Beck.You do not see many high level high priced Rickenbacker's.
They seem to be on the price range of Squires by Fender new. Like the Squiers that are made in Japan the price goes up because of the great guitar makers in Japan. Many were made in Korea in the later years about 1985.
Prince did play one on stage and his solos were not as good as with his Fender Strat. I have no clue way? He is a great guitar player.
The price in the 1970's was about $50.00 and has gone up on EBay to as much as $450.00,I want to see if it sells.
It seems like a great well made guitar and well worth keeping.The guitars in the 1070's seem to be a cut above the newer guitar and people try to get that vintage sound. Like the " Black Strat " used on Dark Side of the Moon. It may have been the guy playing it. I wish I had more for you, So Japan and about $ 50.00 and they did go up as time pasted. Rob I bought guitars at that time, I never got a great deal. I guess they saw me coming!
Thats Rob and good playing, Kev.

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