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i have a hondo guitar was wanting info on it if possible it's a h7600mr serial 70200823

Hey Brady,

Thanks for writing! This is one of the Hondo guitars made after the lawsuit era of the late 1970s/early 1980s. Prior to this, companies like Hondo would make exact replicas of Gibson and Fender guitars. Of course, both Gibson and Fender were unhappy about the loss of market share and both sued "copy" guitar makers. Your guitar was probably made in the late 1980s to mid 1990s. It is hard to get any reliable information based on Hondo serial numbers because no one can agree on how to correctly read them and Hondo is no help regarding their own guitars. With patent lawsuits, a guitar has to be slightly different than the original model. I believe there has to be a difference of 10%. Therefore, what companies like Hondo did was to make the changes to the headstock primarily and the body secondary. This is why the headstock doesn't have anything close to a Fender profile. People either love or hate Hondo guitars. My first real guitar was a Hondo Fender Stratocaster copy that was nearly identical to the Fender model. It played wonderfully and sounded great. If you're looking to make improvements on your guitar you should start with the tuners. Hondo tuners are bad. Replace them with some Gotoh tuners and you'll notice the difference. Also have a guitar shop set the intonation and check the frets. As for value, these guitars are not worth that much, probably a few hundred dollars at best. However, always buy a guitar because you love it and you'll always have a winner (no matter what the value). Let me know if you need any additional infomration. Stay in touch...Johnny

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