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Hello Johnny
My parents purchased this guitar for me around 1977 or 1978 from The Bay. It has no serial number or brand markings. It has three stickers on the back, made in Korea, Inspected by and 161DM . All parts are original , the pick guard was broken and one tuning peg does not hold tune well. Can anyone confirm that it is a Hondo? What it is worth? Where can I buy the same tuner so I don't have to make any alterations?

Hey Garry,

Thanks for writing! My family was originally from Canada! This looks like a Hondo headstock. Normally, Hondo used a decal for their later models whic would often wear off or be removed by the owner to hide the guitar's origin. Being made in Korea would make this a Hondo as well since they switched their manufacturing to that country prior to the date of purchase. It was probably made closer to 1978. In 1976/77, Hondo still had headstocks that had the true Gibson profile. Your headstock is wider at the top than the Gibson version. As for value, I'd say around $500 US Dollars in today's market. However, vintage Hondo LP copies are becoming very popular so it's value will go up. Also, the general global economy is down which takes away from the value. You can try ebay for replacement tuners. Often, you can find real Hondo tuners (now that I said that you'll look on ebay and no one will have a set for sale :-) ). I would recommend replacing them all because Hondo tuners were really bad in most cases. Have a guitar shop set the intonation and action (string height) and you'll have a great guitar. I started my musical career with various Hondo guitars since I couldn't afford the real deal. In fact No Alternative (one of my bands) toured Canada with Black Flag and DOA with me using a Hondo electric so I have only good things to say about Hondo guitars. Let me know if you need anything else. Please stay in touch...Johnny

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