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Hi there

I have a Hondo LP copy, the serial number is long gone, so i cannot identify the model number or manufacture year.

Read some of your post and it seems youre the guy in the know!

The pics are attached.



Hey Dan,

Thanks for writing! This is one of the early Hondo LP copies! The "open book" headstock profile, the diamond inlay and binding suggest it was made in the very late 1970s (1977-78). As you may know, Gibson had finally had enough of copy guitars taking away from their market share and successfully sued companies like Hondo. It looks like you have a guitar with all original parts which adds to the value. Right now, these guitars are selling at a low due to the general global economy so it's probably worth around $400.00. However, if you clean it up and restore it it would be worth more. As for model, it's one of the HLP line. Let me know if you need further information. Stay in touch...Johnny

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