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I want to know What is the difference between electric guitar and Bass Guitar , people say that its a guitar which is used for making deep/boom sound in the song but i wont get the sound in any songs except the post-grunge genre (post-Nirvana) songs , i want to know every info about bass and i' thinking about buying a guitar, but which one which one will take less time and more time. recommend me the n acoustic,electric,bass guitars name which is cheap and easy to use.

Tanim Kazi

Hey Tanim,

Thanks for writing! This is a great question! Let's look at the differences between these two stringed instruments. Most guitars have six strings while most basses have four strings. The biggest difference is in the sound. Guitars have the ability to play both low tones and high tones while basses are designed to play lower tones. The Bass and drums work together in a band, forming the rhythm section while the guitar is used to do lead work as well as rhythmic playing. The bass takes a lot less time to learn how to play and there are fewer bass players than there are guitar players so you would be more in demand as a bass player. I would start with an electric bass, such as a Fender Squier series bass. The Squier is made by Fender and is just like their expensive basses but a lot less expensive. They bass is easier to play and takes a lot less time to learn. Let me know if you have further questions and I'll be happy to answer them. Please stay in touch...Johnny

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