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I have been storing my friends Fender champ amp for @27 years. After my closet wall fell in I decided to move it. My friend would not take it back so I decided to sell it after I find the approximate value and age . The sticker in the back reads: Listed155J and what I think is the serial #A9602274.
It is a silver box reading:Fender made in USA, and champ is written in the controls area, painted blue. The original tubes are there except the smaller one

Hi Kathryn. I am sorry to have taken a couple days for a little you ask. I do want all to be perfect you you have good facts to work with. The serial number A9602274 is not in the system.They stop at A86***** that is a common problem with Fender. I would say it is a 1976. Being sold to CBS and sold back some number series were dropped or just missing.
One odd tube is not a problem. The painted knobs will cause a loss in value if Fender did not paint them. New knobs are not much money from a company called Guitar Fetish, just put that name in Google and you will find what you need at a cost much less than Fender.
You have two ways to go, First for a fast sale as is ask $200.00 pulse shipping. A good guess at shipping would be $40.00.You can clean it up and put new knobs on it and start at $350.00.The Champ has been a hot little amp for years and people want them, so you should  have no trouble selling it. If I can do any thing else please write me and I will do what ever it takes to cover this matter.
Thank you, Kevinpaul.

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