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Dear sir,
i have a Gibson guitar,es 355 td,manufactured in 1977,
serial no. 73237159 made in U.S.A. Kalamazoo,Michigan.
it is 95% in good condition,can you tell me please how much it worth around.
thanking you in advance,
Jean Ekmekjian.
Yerevan, Armenia.

I am sorry I sold it
I am sorry I sold it  
Hi, Jean that is a very nice guitar. I had one and it was a 100 point guitar, perfect and it sold for $4,710 USD to a private auction. The buyer want that color and model saw me on stage with it and I put it up for bids. He missed it by the $10 USD and did find one down the line for $5,100. The right time and the right price. I do not know what 5% is wrong with your Gibson, or if it has an add on Bigsby tremolo that will drop the price.I will give you a very close selling price. I would go a bit high at $4,650 USD. Should you need to drop $150.00 USD.You should be fine with these numbers.I am all way very close, not a guess. Many people hold the guitar and look at some out dated book.I look at the sales of the last 30days real time. I like that guitar very much and Gibson paid many of them so they are not in the big money rare class, but a classic! Thank you Jean and if I can help in any way please contact me any time. Thank you Kevinpaul

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