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QUESTION: hi im in the phillipines and i bought a  2nd hand guitar. samick guitar and i cant find what model is it. but it has peacock design like carving do you know what model is it and how much is it when first released? thx.. GOD bless!!

ANSWER: Hey Reule,

Thanks for writing. This is a tough one. I believe that this was one of the models designed by Greg Bennett for Samick guitars. It is one of their better made instruments, meant to compete with the Ibanez models being used by heavy metal bands in the 1990s. I'm not sure of the exact model but I think yours was probably made in 1994. As for value, this model (with the peacock on the body) is worth around $700-800 US Dollars. It is an extremely well made guitar, better than many of the Samick guitars produced during this time. Let me know if I can answer any other questions for you. Stay in touch...Johnny

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QUESTION: thx bro.. do you know where i can find the exact model of the guitar.. ive already search the net but i cant find anything about this guitar.. is it a rare guitar?

Hey Reule,

Thanks for writing back! Here's the contact page for Greg Bennet/Samick guitars. Email them and they'll be able to give you the exact model information you're looking for. Stay in touch...Johnny


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