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Electric Guitars/hi are kinbara any good ?/ive seen 2 natural finish hondos lp style


hondo 11
hondo 11  
i saw your answer to david about his hondo 11 as ive seen 2 les paul single cut one on e-bay starts 79 the other is for 100 on a SMALL ADS  are these worth keeping as an investment i keep buying guitars but these look good both have the same id no. h732 ml but are natural wood look solid bodied do you have the specs for these guitars were they fitted with really good harware were they top of the range in their day and it seems very strange that they all have the same no. maybe the 73 isnt the year just model no.

Hi Alistar,I love those guitars but as an investment I see no indications of that so far. That being the case they would be in the Old Gibson range by now. They are great guitars and are more of a cult thing. People with a knowledge of what makes a great guitar keep them and play them because they are so close to perfect and any one can afford them. Have a great guitar for little money.
They will stay at a price pretty much were it is now. They look like a Les Paul, sound better than a Les Paul play as good as a Les Paul but they are not a Les Paul. That has happened and I do not see a second coming. The Beatles we never happen again I want that kind of stuff to happen again but no, a one shot thing.
Kinbara are great! A company in England had them made in Japan. Like most of the great guitar made in Japan they were priced out of the guitar world. The things made in Japan at that time had the stigma of junk from Japan.
Far from true the guitars from Japan were great and being made there put them in a lower level. They are at a higher level than most of the guitars made in the USA. Kinbara never hit the American market mostly for the Europe Market. I have read great thins about them bot I never saw one. I have made it a point to play one and do a write up on them but I can't find one. Now I feel you can't go wrong with them and I would buy one over the web with out any worry. The 73 is just part of a trade mark, not an indicator to us.
Alistar you came up with some cool questions, I hope I helped, please do write back if you come across any guitar or amp questions and we will get you what you seek. Thanks Kevinpaul

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