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Hi Johnny, I got this Hondo II Stratocaster from a very good friend of mine, along with an amp her dad build.
Anyway, I was wondering if you could help me specify the period the guitar is from?
Like most other Hondo II's (That's what I've read elsewhere at least) it has the ashtray cover over the bridge and black pickup covers and a white pickguard. One of the volume knobs has been changed and the neckplate is just plain metal. The headstock is an (almost) exact copy of the Fender headstocks. Headstock logo color looks a bit like typical inlays (Silver/tortoise-ish looking) and the neck is all maple. Truss rod cover is just plain black with a white binding. The inlays are just black.

I hope this is enough information, if not, please do ask.
Pictures can be provided if needed.

Best regards
- Mads.

Hey Mads,

Thanks for writing! A Hondo II Strat was my first real guitar. They were made in 1977/78 and the headstock is what sets them apart. This model was made before the lawsuits that forced Hondo to make body and headstock changes to their guitars. The headstock logo you have is from 77/78 as well. These are great guitars and worth about $500 in an auction market. Let me know if you need further information. Stay in touch...Johnny

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