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I was able to pick up a Howard Acoustic Electric guitar extremely cheap, however it does need to be restored as it is in rough condition. I would like to know if a year can be identified and if it is actually worth some restoration.

This guitar has no other markings other than "Howard" and I am unable to find ANY information on this guitar.

Pictures attached!

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your question. You've got me on this one. I've never see or heard of a "Howard".

Based on the photos, I'd say it is most likely early to mid 60s era. I wouldn't put too much effort or money into this guitar. Not only does it look to be in pretty bad condition, it does not appear to be a very high quality instrument. So, even if it were in perfect condition, there would probably not be too much you could do to improve it.

I'd say if you can even tune it and play a few chords, leave it the way it is and enjoy.

Best Wishes,


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