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hondo 11
hondo 11  
hi got some better pics of that hondo 1030 ? any idea what the pups are ?

Gretsch with covers/ Dean with out
Gretsch with covers/ D  
Yes Alistair, they are the standard DiMarzio pups with out the covers. I thing it is to save money,cutting corners. Many people took them off for a cool look. Many just took them off thing they blocked some of the magnetic field. I go with save money, my Tele Deluxe is black with the silver covers. Looks complete and finished.
Now to have a classic looking guitar with out the parts sticking out, you need go buy covers.
I just got a Dean with no covers. It is a gothic  looking thing so I can live with it.
I thank you, and waiting on a confirmation on your question about two pick up makers.
You have some of the best questions, I enjoy the research and shaking the tree of knowledge

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