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Hi Johnny,
I came across an interesting guitar. The seller does not know too much about her. I wonder if you could help.
The serial number is S6074593 Made in Korea.(http://img20.allegroimg.pl/photos/oryginal/31/58/49/63/3158496355_3) I have never seen such guard pads at the back and at the front apart from the typical pick guard. Is that an after-market ad-on?
Thanks for your help!

Hey Syl,

Thanks for writing! The pads were not an after market ad-on! Aria was the producer of some well made jazz guitars during the 1980-1990s. Aria guitars were not sold much in the United States because they were made primarily for overseas (non US) sales. Of course, they could be ordered and found in some US retailers which is why you find them over here. The 'elbow guard' was introduced to reduce wear and tear from the stumming arm (the right forearm of the player). People immediately didn't like the guard because it took away the guitar's streamlined look. Therefore, they didn't produce many of these, which adds to the guitar's value. The guitar was probably made in the early 1980s (maybe late 1970s) which puts it in a 'vintage' category. As for value, I'd put it at around $900.00 American dollars. Let me know if you need further information. stay in touch...Johnny

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