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Ibanez PR1660
Ibanez PR1660  
I am the owner of a 1985 Ibanez PR-1660 and i'm interested in finding out as much as i can about this guitar and its value.

The serial number is - E855466

Any help would be great appreciated

Many Thanks,
Ben Smith

Hey Ben,

Thanks for writing! The Randy Rhodes Pro-Line Ibanez was one of their better models. The body is made out of Alder wood, while the neck was Maple with either an Ebony or Maple fretboard. This was the first model to use the Ibanez V-5 pickups which are brilliant sounding. The PR 1660 is now considered a collector's item. The bridge used in this model is the Ibanez Pro Rock'R Bridge (the switched to the Ibanez Edge Tremolo in 1986. The body is slightly bigger than models produced from 1986 on. Ibanez would have kept making these guitars but Jackson sued them in late 1986 because the Ibanez model was a nearly exact copy of the Jackson Randy Rhodes model. This model doesn't come up at online auction sites such as Ebay often and when it does, it is bought very quickly. The values fluctuate, ranging from $500 to $$1,000 US Dollars. I would put it closer to $800 but that's only because the collector's guitar market is soft due to a bad global economy. Let me know if you need any further information. Stay in touch...Johnny

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