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I texted u the other day about the 1rst Hondo LP's with set necks,u stated they were somewhat rare, how rare in comparison too the Hondo 2's . You asked for a pic of the set neck but I can't seem to send one, the neck looks like a flush mount on the cut out side that butts up to the to the body, judging from the joint line with the finger board lapping over top. This guitar doesn't seem to be crudely built at all as was suggested in   one review ? and the headstock has a small v groove opposed to the bigger wider V's that is typical that I've seen on the first hondos, and the 2's with the big inlays on fretboard . What I would like to no is how did they compare to the Hondo 2's and why would they change the headstock post lawsuite then ?

Hey Rob,

Thanks for writing! The earlier Hondo LP copies were better made because they were competing with Gibson for sales. The reason Hondo was able to make early models that compared with Gibson LPs had to do with labor costs. The guitars were cheap to make because there was a low overhead on labor and manufacturing. Hondo had to keep their LP copies within set guidelines according to the lawsuit that stated that copy guitars could only be between 80% and 90% exactly like the Gibson models. Therefore, Hondo made the body slightly wider and cut away slightly sharper, etc. This is why you see the slight differences in headstock profile, etc...Johnny

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