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Hondo Strat  
I recently got my hands on a Hondo Professional Strat copy and I'm having trouble dating it. Serial number on the back neck plate is 0013117. I've tried to look up info on it, but I can't find another guitar exactly like this one anywhere on the net. I've found strats that say "Hondo II Professional", but mine has the older Hondo logo and says "Hondo Professional" The headstock does say made in Japan. Whatever the story is with this guitar, it plays like a dream. Can you take a guess as to it's date of manufacture and its' current retail price? Thanks very much.

Hey Rich,

Thanks for writing! This guitar was probably made in the early to mid 1980s. Hondo made a whole lot of Strat copies with slight differences in design. This model was made to cash in on the decline of Fender sales. This was also the same time as Fender's introduction of the Squier line of guitars. The earliest Hondo Strats were made in the 1970s and maintained the Fender headstock profile and had a Hondo logo that was similar to Fender's logo. However, a series of lawsuits ended Hondo's ability to make exact copies which is why you see the change in headstock profiles. As for value, I'd say around $500 in great condition. LEt me know if you need further information. Stay in touch...Johnny

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