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I just recieved a Legend Stratocaster from a friend, for repairing his Bassguitar. I'd like to get as much info on it as possible, can you help me out?

The finish is sunburst,
it has a Fender style tremolo,
white pickguard and knobs,
single-coils with staggered pole pieces,
maple neck and fingerboard,
vintage style tuners,
the logo is only a black outline of the Legend logo,
under the logo is says: "Vintage Quality and Performance",
the headstock is the traditional Fender version,
no hole in the headstock for the trussrod,  
serial nr: 9400388.

Thanks in advance,


Hey Jeffrey,

Thanks for writing! Legend was a company that started it's life making copies of popular American guitars such as the Stratocaster and Les Paul. The logo on the headstock tells you that this is one of their early copies because after a number of lawsuits, makers of copy guitars were no longer able to make exact copies of their American counterparts. The first changes made, post lawsuits, were in the profile of the headstock. Strat copies made after the lawsuits have a non-Fender profile while those make in the late 1970s (like yours) had the traditional Fender headstock and similar logo lettering. Because Legend had their guitars made overseas, they were able to reduce production costs while using similar woods and electronics. This is why they became so popular (they were less expensive). Legend is one of the lessor known makers of these copies. As for value, I'd say around $700 in mint condition and all original parts. It was probably made in the late 1970s. Let me know if you need further information...Johnny

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