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QUESTION: Hi, I have a Electra guitar and I am trying to find out which model I have. I Have researched it on line at several sites and found a few answers but nothing definitive. Let me try to describe my guitar in detail. It is a Les Paul copy with a color scheme that is, gold top, black back and gold hardware. The pick ups are two matching hum bucking type. The headstock is a open book style that  has the Electra logo on a 30 degree angle (same angel as Gibsonís logo). there is no serial number on the back plate where the neck screws on. At the top of the back side of the headstock there is a ghost image of where a sticker of the serial number was at one time. I can not find any models having that color scheme. The closes model is the 2254 gold top super rock but there are to many differences. (1)The logo on the headstock is not at a 30 degree angel but a 50 degree angel. (2) The back is gold like the front. (3)The pick ups are deferent. one is a closed hum bucking type and the other is an open style. The closest model I can find is a 2242 pre lawsuit 1772 to1975 model. The 2242 is the only one in all the pictures I looked at the has the logo in the 30 degree angel, Has two matching pickups and gold hardware. I know the Electra had many Japanese companies making there guitars and so they are not all the same, but their was some consistencies in the modes. Please let me know what you think, I would like to sell it but I would also like to present it accurately. Thanks, Laurence

ANSWER: Hey Laurence,

Thanks for writing. It may be a 2242 but I need to see a picture of the guitar. Can you send me a photograph? Let me know...Johnny

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Back of neck
Back of neck  

front of head stock
front of head stock  
QUESTION: Hi, Johnny Hereis some pic' I hope they help. It looks like you can only up load one at a time. I will send you the front of the head stock.

Hey Laurence,

Thanks for writing back with the pictures. This is most likely one of the earlier 2242 models from around 1972/73. You brought up a great point about Electra in that they used multiple manufacturers which is why you see slight differences in the same models! The headstock is the true indicator regarding the guitar's age. Electra created a nearly identical headstock profile and brand as well as the Gibson bell shaped truss rod cover. As for value, I'm thinking in today's market it would be worth around $800.00, possibly more in an auction market like Ebay. Let me know if you need further information. Stay in touch...Johnny

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