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Hi Dr Moore,

A good friend of mine recently passed away and left me his guitar.  I did some research and I think it is a Kay with 2 Gibson P-35 klennex box pickups. But I haven't seen this style in any of my searches. There is a metal plate on the back of the head that has the number 1080 imprinted on it.  Any help on ID and value would be appreciated.

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Kay Swinger Master on  

Hi Steve, I do hope the things I share with you will help. Your Kay Guitar is a very nice guitar and a bit odd. You know from your research a double cutaway is not  normal for Kay. They did make them in a few models. Your guitar looks like a Swingmaster Double Cutaway. A guy by the name of Barney Kessel had a say over many Kay designs in the 1950s and beyond. He was a jazz guitar player, because of that Kay made many single cutaways with pick ups that had a low output like the P35 pick ups on your Kay. That put the guitars in a less than desirable place. Gibson sold a lot of hardware and electronics to Kay,Silvertone, Harmony and Airline guitars. These were mostly made in Asia. They were seen as beginner guitars. I found some people who are not beginners on Youtube and writing about their Kay Guitars. The Telecaster Forum covers many guitar topics. A post on that forum rings true about the value of a great Kay.  He said   " you can ask for $1400.00  then sell it for $400.00." looking at sale history, this seems true. The Kay Arch Tops were over shadowed by Gibson, Ibanez, Gretsch and Epiphone. Many sell in the four hundred dollar price range new. Gibson will go on will very high prices for past and present guitars.
You have a nice guitar, I would play it and have fun. Thanks Steve I welcome any more questions, I would like to see the head post and tuners. You said you think it is a Kay? I went with that for the answer for you. Thanks Kevinpaul.

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