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QUESTION: I have a 20 yr old Takemine EG334 acoustic -electri guitar.  I recently replaced the jack successfully.  Now, several weeks later, again, there is no amplification.  Instead, when the volume control slide is moved, it causes a lot of static thru' the amplifier.  Any idea what can do?  Thanks

ANSWER: Hey John,

Thanks for writing! It sounds like one of the wires from the volume control got loosened when the jack was replaced. I would take a look at the wiring leading out from the volume control slide to the jack and see if it is loose (which would explain the static. Check the wiring for the jack as well. Let me know if this helps. If not, I'll try to come up with something else. Write back...Johnny

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Really appreciate the speedy response, however,  I checked the wiring on the new jack , they were secure, and traced them back to the control box.  The connections were plugin mini jack types.  I unplugged and re- plugged and still have the same problem.  The control "box" has the volume control, high and mid controls if you are not familiar with the particular guitar.  Do these type controls go out or go bad often. I can't see any i.d. on the controls to give more info. Thanks again.

Hey John,

Thanks for writing back. If it isn't a loose wire it may be one of the physical controls. They sometimes go bad. However, try taking some compressed air and thoroughly spray the controls, trying to get the air stream inside of them. Let me know if this works...Johnny

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