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About to purchase a sub $300 used guitar for my 13 year old son, who has been playing for a few years.
I need to make a quick choice between the following:

PRS custom 24 SE

Washburn SI-60 Scott Ian with upgraded pickups. Duncan El diablo and DiMarzio x2n

B C Rich Special X  Mockingbird

He mainly plays metal and rock.  


Hey Jon,

Thanks for writing! If given the choice, I'd probably go with the PRS. The reason is that the guitar is very versatile sound-wise. Many newer guitar players will get a guitar that is designed for one type of music, metal for example. However, it is always better to have a guitar with all purpose pickups, using pedal effects to achieve the distorted or overdrive tone. With that said, any of the guitars you mentioned are excellent. I've owned Washburn guitars and have loved them. They're well made and sound great. The Mockingbird is a staple of metal guitarists so you can't go wrong with any of them. Let me know if you need more detailed information. Stay in touch and I'll walk you through any questions or concerns regarding your son's guitar. Take care...Johnny

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