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i get mixed messages about hondos this cherry sunburst formula 1 1985 has come up on e-bay u.k. for 149 bin reminds me of the late ibanez roadstars like the rs 1300 that i have of a similar year i saw you gave a good/informative run down on the hondo company just wonder if you know personally much about the quality/specs of the formula 1 series

Hey Alistair,

Thanks for writing. People seem to either love Hondo guitars or hate them! The Formula 1 was a Hondo model that was fairly decent. The model was introduced after the landmark lawsuit by Gibson that essentially shut down the manufacture of "exact copy" guitars. Therefore, companies like Hondo had to make guitars that were more original in design. The thing about the Formula 1 is that it is used by many people as a project guitar in which they swap out the pickups and tuners (the tuners were of poor quality). I've played one before and found it quite nice in both how it felt and sound-wise. In the US Market, they tend to sell for around $300-$400 Dollars. The good news is that thee guitar is over 25 years old which puts it into a vintage category. This means that it is considered somewhat collectable and will go up in value with each passing year. This model is a few steps above the standard fair quality Hondo electrics out there. Let me know if you need more detailed information and I'll provide it. Stay in touch...Johnny

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