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Hi - I came across your helpful website and hope you can advise me. I am trying to identify my old Aria guitar which I am about to sell. I know it is one of the TA series but I can't pinpoint exactly which model. Maybe a 60 or 30?? It has had machine heads replaced so don't get confused by that) It is in Walnut Brown and I guess one of the p/ups was replaced before I got it or is is just the chrome cover missing?? Neck plate at back says Made in Japan and has number 082048    stamped on it. Inside the cavity is the original Aria label which has Model No: ESZ00WA although Z might be a 7 or a 2 ?? Serial number: 8108179

So, can you confirm any info on it please?? Many thanks, Barry

Hey Barry,

Thanks for writing. It looks like 60. The pickup was replaced, probably by someone who wanted a dirtier tone. Aria actually makes very decent hollow and semi hollow bodied electrics. Many people replace the tuners because the stock Aria tuners tend to be poorly made, which I never understood since they put an effort into the rest of the guitar! If you use the Aria serial numbering system, which is questions for some models, the guitar was around 1981. With this said, it looks more like a late 1980s model. As for value, the market wildly fluctuates. I've seen these sold for around $350 US Dollars. Let me know if you need more detailed information and I'll try and dig some up. Stay in touch...Johnny

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