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Hello Johnny
Could you please tell me what year this model Hondo was manufactured,and what type of pick ups it has, and why it has a brass nut? The nut looks like it's factory installed, if not someone did a very good job with it. I have searched the internet and I can't find one with a brass nut anywhere as to compare it to. Every Hondo I find that comes close, has a white pick guard, and no brass nut. The guitar also has the(H)on the steal plate that holds the neck on.

Thank You,
Sincerely, Randy

Hey Randy,

Thanks for writing! This looks like a 1976-78 pre-lawsuit Hondo. Prior to the lawsuit filed by Gibson, Hondo made very detailed copies of the Les Paul. You can tell that it is a pre-lawsuit guitar by the headstock profile. Gibson's Les Paul has what is called an "open book" profile to its headstock. This means the top of the headstock looks like an open book as seen from its side. Prior to 1977, the truss rod cover on the HOndo copies had the bell shape Gibson used. However, Hondo switched them later in the 1970s (as on your guitar). The brass nut could have been original since some Hondo LP copies did come with them. The better quality of the tuners was seen on the better Hondo LP copies as well. Hondo used a number of neck plates during years, ranging from the plain ones to those with the "H" on them. As for pickups, Hondo did use Dimarzios on their better models. Let me know if you need additional information and I'll be happy to provide it! Stay in touch...Johnny

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