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Hi Johnny,

I'm trying to identify the model, production year, materials... as many details as possible, of a Samick Les Paul I've just bought. I think guitar wad made in the 90s, model probably LSE450, body: mahogany with maple top & bottom, neck: mahogany bolt-on. But to be hones, I'm not sure of any of this.
SN is 7040413
Please see picture attached.
If you need other details, please let me know.
Is this a good guitar for learning? Any good apart from that?

Thanks in advance.


Hey Juan,

Thanks for writing! This looks like a 1990s Samick. When in the 1990s, I'm not sure. This is one of the better Samick LP copies and it is made with the woods you mentioned.Samick and a number of companies started making LP (Les Paul) copies early in the 1970s. Gibson sued these companies and they had to change their design a bit. This is why the cutaway by the pick guard isn't as curved as the Gibson LP. The good news is that this is a great guitar for learning. Just make sure to use lighter gauge strings so it is easier to play. It looks like it is on great condition. Is it in great condition? Let me know and I'll get you a value for it. Stay in touch...Johnny

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