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I have an older amplifier, Crate GTD120/210, and everything works fine on it except for the built-effects (Reverb, Delay, and Chorus). Also, the built-in tuner is no longer functional and 4 red lights are permanently lit up. Any ideas on what the problem is and is it something I'll be able to repair with relative ease?

Hey M,

Thanks for writing. The first thing I would do is to inspect the electronics. Remove the outer casing to get inside the amp. Examine the wiring around the effects and tuner. Look for debris such as dirt and dead bugs that could short that part of the amp out. Also looked for burned spots, crimped or broken wiring. If you find dirt/debris, clean it off. If you find damaged wiring repair it. Loo for loose soldering connections as well. Let me know what you fin and I'll give you further instructions. Write back...Johnny

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