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hi . I usually play my strats with vintage custom single coils , through low wattage tube amps ( like Marshall Class 5 and Vox AC4TV ) . sometimes I use MXR carbon copy or Vox wah pedal ; but as I said before , I prefer pure " guitar + tube amp " tone . I just need to know , what's the best noise suppressor pedal to eliminate the single coil hum , considering my very simple combination ?

I know what you speak of, I play a 1967 old stock brownie single coil Strat out of my VoxAC15, night I do the headphone thing that makes it worse. I tried many noise gate pedals, they wipe out my high end. The tone is not a guitar I would play. Testing susppressor pedals and getting advice from Stratocaster maniacs brought me to one pedal we all agree on. The Boss SD 2 has been around near as long as this hiss noise. I bought one and it really works. I was already a Boss pedal fan, the white Noise Susppressor fit perfect on my board. Boss stuff is not crazy expensive. I got mine used for $40.00 it cost $99.00 new and worth it. I know this is the one that will fix you up. The costly ones with all types of wild settings are a noise gate with the wrong name. Thanks for writing in, please let me know if you have other problem and I can try to get to the bottom of it. Keep rocking, Kev.

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