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QUESTION: Hello, I recently purchased an old Samick YK640PW from someone on craigslist, for $175 USD.  The PW in the model number, I would assume stands for "pearl white" as that is the color: it just appears very yellow in the picture.The serial number is 1020569.  I know for a fact the guitar was built before 1992, based off two things;
1. The headstock is the 1980's style headstock (I put a blank sheet of paper behind it so you could see it.
2. The bridge- I found someone with a Samick built in 92- By 92, Samick was making their licenced floyd rose trems more like the originals.  The floyd on mine is unlike any I've seen before- its similar to the fastloader in that I do not need to cut the ball ends off, but the saddles actually swivel up.
Anyway, onto specs:
I know for a fact that the bridge pickup was replaced (The original pickup was a 3 screw humbucker like many other 1980s samicks, and the humbucker in there is a 2 screw humbucker (I searched up the patent number on the back- it's one of the later model gibson PAF pups)
Not sure what the neck pickup is- it sounds very bluesy, and the pole pieces are actually lower than the plastic cover.  No model numbers or patent numbers on that one.
The bridge is licenced by floyd rose .
Definitely a maple neck with a bound rosewood fretboard.
Not sure what the body is made of, but the guitar in total weighs in at 10 pounds.
Sealed samick tuners.
The floyd is non recessed.
All gold hardware
bolt on neck.
Please let me know if you need any more information.

ANSWER: Hey Chris,

Thanks for writing! Can you send me a picture of the tremolo? This will help me gather further information. Write back with the picture...Johnny

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Samick trem
Samick trem  
QUESTION: Hey Johnny, here's the bridge. And sorry about the fact that I didn't exactly ask a question, I was pretty tired when I typed that up!

If you could give me any idea on how much the guitar is worth, and a rough estimate of what year it was made would be appreciated, as well as any other information you could conjure up about the guitar.

Hey Chris,

Thanks for writing back! You got a good deal on the guitar. I see them selling for between $300 and $600. As for date of manufacture, that is a bit tough. Samick's factory makes a number of guitars for other companies such as Epiphone so they're always producing instruments. While it is relatively easy to date the guitars they make for more well know companies, they're not great with their own serial numbers. I would say the guitar was made in the late 1990s. Let me know if you need more detailed information. Stay in touch...Johnny

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