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Can you please tell me about the history of Yamaha Electric Guitar, Flying Samurai? It was sold as SG 5 in Japan. The model that I got here has a Stratcaster like pickup. When were they soldf in Canada and the United States?

ANSWER: Hey Sammy,

Thanks for writing! This guitar was well made and is out of production Yamaha. The body style is based on their 1960s SGV models, but this one has a Strat-type pickup configuration and tremolo system. They sell for between $200 and $^00 depending on year made. Can you send me the serial number? That will allow me to get you more information. Write back....Johnny

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The serial number of my EGV103C, Flying Samurai is Y0509. Can you find out when this was made and how much would it be worth?

Many thanks,


Hey Sammy,

Thanks for writing back! This model has been around for a while going back to the late 1960s. Yours was most likely made in the late 1990s based on the model number. The newer versions of this guitar have a more Stratocaster-like configuration of pickups, etc. While the older models fetch a high marker price, yours sell for between $399 and $599, again based on that specific model. It is a solid guitar that I think is better than the average Stratocaster. Sorry I can't give you more detailed information...Johnny

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