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I have a hondo ii 70s lp copy with 'made in the usa' humbucker pups and i was wondering how i can tell if they are the originals or if they where added on later on. I hear that hondo did use dimarzio pups on some of there guitars. Theres not much there to describe them, there black double wound humbuckers with a 'made in usa' stamped in the metal on there backs.
Thanks alot!

Hey Matthew,

Thanks for writing! The 1970s Hondo LP copies did use Dimarzio pickups on their earlier models, like yours. Because the pickup manufacturer didn't have an exclusive contract with any of the brand names during this period, they could put their pickups on any guitar they wanted to. At the time, their pickups were reasonably priced so companies like Hondo could use them for their guitars. Later on, Hondo started using cheaper pickups on their guitars. To tell if they're original pickups, look at the ribbon that is wrapped around the pickup coils as well as the wiring coming from the pickups. Both of these items should be faded and old looking due to the guitar's age. Let me know if this helps. Stay in touch...Johnny

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