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I have the opportunity to purchase a CHARVEL ST CUSTOM "stratheadstock". What can you tell me about it.
I already own a CHARVEL TE CUSTOM "teleheadstock" and it plays great. This one has been modified with tone something pups! The ST is totally original with a transparent brown/black finish.
Regards ANDRE

Thank you for writing, I would buy it. I have only played a couple Charvel in my life. I liked the way they preformed. Andre to find a real player takes me months, my ESP took a couple years. This guitar is made ? the ones MIJ are unbeatable and the price keeps going up. The guitar you looked at is made in China I would really have second thoughts. My dream guitar was a Gretsch any Gretsch! I bought a new solid body CVT and in a few months it started to fall apart. I looked at reviews, ask about them and there was very few, not many sold. That was a big red flag. I can look in to it more if you send me a photo, the year it was built, and the price. The Japanese guitars do not last in a shop long, if it is a player and not beat up I would jump at it. Other wise let me do some more work on it. Andre thank you and if you still have questions please get back to me. Kev

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The fascination with electric guitars is the top for me. I fix amps, wiring and put the things that fall off back on. The way to really set a guitar up and make it a player. Buying a guitar is an art, and good amps that will get out that tone we all look for, Zen guitar and amplifier is a way to approach it. Better is no worry ask an expert.

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