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I am looking at buying from a local pawn shop, a 1976 fender precision bass. They are asking $1200 for it. the problem is there are no signs of a serial number any where visible. I asked how it  was dated, and the answer I got, was the date is stamped on the end of the neck that's covered. To me, a date stamp is not the same as a serial number. I have never come across a fender instrument without a visible serial number, should I be wary of this bass ?  Thanks,   Sincerely,  Mikael Wilt

Hi Mikael, your mane is cool was your mom in to dance? That is for another day. I don't know how this happened, that we think pawn shops are a place to buy stuff. They are legal loan sharks. I am not to far from you in Pittsburgh and our pawn shop are in the worst area of the city. The cops are always walking I and checking for stolen stuff and they do find it there. That romance of a great deal from a pawn shop is crazy. The people that run these places are smart and use to dealing with low life's from drug addicts to plan old thieves. I have looked in them a few times and no good deals.
My rant is over, ok the serial number is on the end of the neck. I have taken many apart for all sorts of repairs, one being the replacement of the neck.
My Fender guitars have been apart so many times that I am not sure of the year. The thing that really matters for quality is the place it was made. American Fenders are much better than the imports. To pick out an imports the serial number is the obvious way but other things will tell you. The imports are metric and  measuring the bridge is one way. Really they are so close that you would need to take it apart. Mikael if I have any doubts about a guitars place of origin I walk.
The amount of money $1,200 is a lot of money and going to a more reliable vender my be a wise move on your part. The serial number on many guitars is not visible and the people that make fakes take full advantage of that fact. Fender and Gibson are the most copied brands, they both make their own copies in China. I wish this was more black and white. There are some very smart friends of mine that have been burned by fakes. That a pass on that one I know you do better. Please contact me if you need any more of my wisdom, joking. Let me know if I can be of any more help, if you want to send me a photo of this guitar please do so. My email is I am always able to help a fellow musician. Kev.

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