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QUESTION: Hello Dr. Moore,

I do not play the guitar (although I plan to learn), but my dad did play (for fun) and after he passed away many years ago I've had it in my possession since the mid 80's. He traded my next door neighbor (Who bought it new) an acoustic guitar for this guitar back in the 60's and he owned it ever since.  Since I don't play, it has just sat in the case in my closet ever since. About a year ago I heard of a guitar show and thought this would be a good chance to find out what the deal was. But all I got was bombarded with offers to buy it, no real help. I made it clear when I went in it was not for sale. I just was hoping for information.
I can't find anything on the internet about this guitar specifically. It seems to have been made in a grey area. I found some guitars that are similar but none exactly like it.
So any information you could offer about this guitar would be appreciated greatly.
I can tell you what it says the guitar. Feel free to ask any questions. I can also take pictures and send if you need them.
Between the tuners it says "Gibson Les Paul TV Model"
Thanks for your time.

ANSWER: Hi and thank you for writing. You have a very nice problem. Gibsons are the best electric guitars. Many say that the 1960s was the golden age of that company.
They did make a Les Paul junior that was TV yellow. A pale yellow with one pick up. Some did have two. The word  junior is misleading. The hit the big time big. Yes please send me pictures, the head stock, body front and back of both. Did you get a case? A photo of that too. What money did they offer?
Any thing else. My email is kevin5518@msn.com. Feel free to send it there, I am not sure how many photos you can send on this site. What ever works best for you. I am happy you want to play it instead of selling it. Kev.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the quick response. Yes, mine is yellow. I am sending the photos you requested.

Nobody named a price. Just lots of "what would you take for it" type thing. I didn't stay long, By the time I got halfway around the room people were following me. It was a little weird. I left.

Your right. I can only send 2 photos on here. Sending to your email. Thanks

Jackson you have one great guitar. I did some research and found some things out about you guitar. They only made them 1957 to 1959 but they left one big impression on the guitar World.  The color is called TV yellow and it is very popular on Les Paul juniors and a few other models. They are still the industry standard for great Rock and Roll guitars. The TV model, that is the name, has great tuners still used today on upper end guitars.
You guitar has a P90 pick up and that is a fantastic single coil pick up, still used today. The body is a little bit smaller than the full size les Paul.
Man that is one hall of fame guitar. I looked at a couple sales, one sold for $8,450 and it was beat up. That is a fine guitar you can grow old with.
Thank you, your pictures were great and I enjoyed learning about your guitar. I wish I had one., a true Les Paul, thanks Kev.

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