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unknown guitar
unknown guitar  
hi i got this guitar from a friend for free but I have no idea what it is annd hoped you can help.
It has four single wound pickups with 4 independent volume knob and 1 tune knob. it also has four on and off switches for each pickup. I've never seen a guitar that was wired quite like this one. the pickups has Japan written on their backsand the neck plate has AKD159 written on it. other than that there are no distinguishable marks that I can see. the body has been spray painted blue and was either originally white or natural woodand the neck doesn't seem to match the body at all. I shouldn't say that the pickups are single one because they're not wild at all in fact they seem to be simply a metal casing with a large magnet and some adjustment screws. the entirewiring harness is attached to the pick guard.
Neck plate AKD156
Volume knob Violet N-24
Tone knob PR-18 C 500k (upsidedown u)
Pups japan

Thanks in advance.

Hey Matthew,

Thanks for writing! This is definitely a Japanese made guitar, most likely from the 1960s. It could be a Teisco or Del Rey. I am going to refer you a website that specializes in these guitars. You can email Mike Dugan on the site and request further information. Let me know how it works out. Stay in touch...Johnny

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