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Here is an example of the guitar riff from the 1 band-
They play these chords for their riff...


Then, if I play this guitar riff for my original song..it has these chords..


I noticed the chords and the rhythm I have is the same as the other band.
I know you said this happens when writing music though.  I didn't even have the other band's song in my head, when I wrote this original song.  Then, after I wrote it, I started thinking of other songs to compare my original song too.  Its only that little riff that is similar though, the rest of the song I wrote sounds nothing like the other band's song.  I will probably just keep it anyways.

Hey Sarah,

You should keep the song. During my own song writing career, I wrote and recorded a song entitled Damned to Hell. Another band, Negative Trend, wrote and recorded a song that shard similar chord progressions. I knew the guys that wrote it and they knew me, so we weren't bothered by the similarities at all. Both songs share similarities but both songs are different. It's all good! Take care...Johnny

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