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Hi, I am writing original music on guitar.  There is a guitar riff that I have written that has the same rhythm pattern, that another band uses.  I play different notes, but the rhythm I use is the same.  Is this okay?  I'm trying to be original, but, sometimes, I write things that sound familiar.
I don't want to copy anyone.

If I have a guitar riff that has these power chords in a row- E power chord, A# power chord, E power chord, E power chord.

Then, another band has a guitar riff that has these power chords in a row- A power chord, F power chord, A power chord, A power chord.  
Is it original enough to still use?

I know the chords I'm playing are different than the other band, but the rhythm pattern is the same.
I hope I can still use it anyway.  The only thing that is the same is the rhythm pattern.

Please let me know what you think.

Hey Sarah,

Thanks for writing! It is absolutely alright to use the chords your using. Guitars use the standard set of musical notes and in many genres of music, you find similar chord patterns. I could write a song and guarantee you that someone else came up with a similar idea if not exactly like my song. It is the nature of writing. What makes it stand out is the way in which it is played and the lyrics that go with it. Even more important is the love you put into that song. That is what separates it from any other song. Don't worry about hearing a similar riff o progression of chords. The song you wrote comes from you not some other band. I hope that helps. Stay in touch and happy holidays...Johnny

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