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Aria Pe deluxe KV
Aria Pe deluxe KV  

Aria Pe deluxe KV
Aria Pe deluxe KV  
Sorry Johnny, forgot to attach the pic,
here the photo...

Hey Eddie,

Thanks for sending the photographs! This appears to be one of the Aria Premium Line models made around 1984. It is probably their best Les Paul styled model and the Kahler Tremolo system is first rate! Here is a link to the technical specifications for this model:


It is their better Les Paul styled guitar that many musicians love because it is so well made, plays well and looks great! These sell for between $750 and $1,200 U.S. Dollars on the online auction sites (such as Ebay). You don't find many of them so their value will go up further over time. Take a look at the link I sent you. Let me know if you need any further information. Stay in touch...Johnny

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