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Hi Johnny I own the same Vantage model as the one Dan has bought in 2011 (question asked 12/4/2011) it's a bolted neck too with serial number 0080168. Every parts are Vantage signed like Dan's one and only the body is custom painted. these two guitars are the only ones of this model I've ever seen and I have the same problem: I cannot find the model name! please help.

Hey JJ,

Thanks for writing! This is a good question. Vantage made great guitars in the 1980s and were made in Japan rather than Korea. They were very well made! This is one of those models that you don't see in the Vantage catalogs online. I don't know the exact model because most of the Vantage electrics that are not Les Paul/Gibson copies are either the X or AV series.It reminds me very much of the late 1970s/early 1980s Peavy electrics. I'll keep trying to find out an exact model for you so write me back in about 4-5 days. I should have an answer by them. Don't forget to write back...Johnny

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