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QUESTION: What year and model is my hondo ii? Hi, I have a Hondo ii that I cant find a look alike on the web and info. The only one i have seen is in a Hondo ad i found. I have been told it has a mahogany base a maple bolted neck. cream dimarzio humbuckers. the color is a deep red to black color. There is two difference with my guitar though. all of my guitar controls are on the lower past of my guitar. The main difference though is the switch i was told it originally did something else but right now with the humbuckers in it its now set up as a phaser affect all of the hondo's i have seen on the web the either don't have that extra switch or the main switch is on the top. Mine isn't. nothing on the back of the headstock just numbers on the neck plate. The hondo ii on the front is in a cursive writing the H= <- has two long lines that extended from it that go under and on the top of the word hondo and connects the ii

I hope all that made sense and you can help me

ANSWER: Hey Erin,

Thanks for writing! Can you send me a photograph of your Hondo? It would help me gather information about it. Let me know and we'll get you some further information. Write back...Johnny

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Body shot
Body shot  
QUESTION: sure! this is my hondo I can find plenty of them on the web but i have not been able to find this switch set up where the pick up switch is by the knobs as well as having that second switch.

ANSWER: Hey Erin,

Thanks for writing back with the image! The second switch was probably added on by the original owner. The way to tell if this is an add on is to take the back plastic plate off and look at the wiring. The wiring connected to the second switch, the one in between the the volume and tone knobs, should appear newer looking than the original wiring. This is a early 1980s Hondo Les Paul copy,made just after the Gibson lawsuit forced Hondo to make modifications to the body and headstock shapes. Hono made a variety of Les Paul-like models and by moving the pickup selector switch (not the phasing switch) they were able to keep within the legal sanctions imposed by the Gibson Lawsuit. As for value, you tend to see them for between $300 and $400 U.S. Dollars at auction markets such as Ebay. Let me know if you need more detailed information. Stay in touch...Johnny

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QUESTION: Thank you! I thought maybe early 80's but the more i search hondo the more models i find! except mine. Maybe you can help me define my search because as i said i have found hondo's with the pick up switch up on top dime a dozen mine i haven't been. second the only picture i have ever found of my exact guitar is in a ad for hondo! but I cant find anymore info than that. I'm gonna attach the ad so you can see only difference is the pick ups and gaurd :) maybe you can define it more from there? I'm only really curious because i love antiques and history and its intriguing to be only able to find it in this one ad and i cant find any info about the ad!

Attaching the ad my guitar is on the top!

Hey Erin,

Thanks for writing back! I would say that your Hondo was made 1982-83. The headstock profile is similar to the "open book" headstock used by Gibson. However, the pre Gibson lawsuit Hondo Les Paul copies had a nearly exact Gibson headstock profile. The switch configuration, the pickup selector switch and phasing switch were added during the early 1980s. I'll keep trying to find additional information so try me back in about a week. Stay in touch...Johnny

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