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QUESTION: Hi Johnny.

I just found a mustang style Seville guitar at a goodwill for $60 today and have been trying to find information about these guitars but there seems to barely anything on the internet about them. Are you familiar with these guitars? I'm trying to figure out the year it was built and whether it was Japanese made or Korean made. On the back of the guitar on the plate that the body and neck is bolted together is JF91283 hand scribed in the plate. Here's a pic.

Any info you could send my way would be super duper helpful.



ANSWER: Hey Chris,

Thanks for writing! The Seville was one of many Japanese and eventually Korean manufacturers of "copy" guitars. They made Gibson and Fender copies until the Gibson lawsuit that forced Seville and other "copy" guitar makers to either change their copied guitar designs or create new designs. The Mustang style Seville is one of copies you don't see as much as you do their Les Paul copy. I couldn't get the link you sent me to open up. Can you send me another link? This would be helpful in getting you more detailed information. Most of these models were made between the mid 1970s and early 1980s. Does the headstock have a true Fender profile (it looks like a Fender Stratocaster headstock)? Also, does it have a stripe along the length of the body (this is why I need to see a picture of the guitar so I don't have to ask a bunch of questions. If you cannot send me a new link, give me a detailed description of the guitar - color, condition, etc - and I'll get you some information. Make sure to write back...Johnny

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QUESTION: Hey Johnny. Thanks so much for your help. Isley a out the faulty link I'll repost the pics in this response.

ANSWER: Hey Chris,

Thanks for writing back! Great score on this guitar! This appears to be a 1970s Seville Mustang copy. Prior to the lawsuit by Gibson (late 1970s), Japanese guitar makers produced some amazing copies of both Gibson and Fender guitars. Yours was most likely made in the early 1970s (maybe 1974-75). If you compare the details between a Fender model and yours, you'll see how close the detail is. Especially noteworthy is the headstock profile and the hardware. The profile maintains a closer look to the original Fender headstock profile. The body design and hardware is very close to the Fender Mustang. Later on, Sevile changed both the profile and hardware design. This means your guitar is a collector's model, being a pre-lawsuit Seville. As for value, if cleaned up and restored, it would probably be worth $700-800. Let me know if you need further information. Stay in touch...Johnny

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QUESTION: Hey Johnny,

Wow, that's really awesome to hear. I lucked out. I ended up having to replace the tuning keys because Hal of them were busted and the input jack wasn't working but now it's up and running nicely. I gave it a fret job and cleaned the pots and polished it up and now she's purring. Sounds great, plays great. Never thought I'd ever be able to afford a mustang. Haha. Thanks again for all your help. You just made my day.



Hey Chris,

Thank you for the kind words! The tuners are always a problem with companies like Seville but they are easily replaced. As for the input jack, I've had the jack go bad on my custom shop ES-175 so it happens. I'm glad you love your guitar and you got a good deal on it. Stay in touch...Johnny

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