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Hey. Thanks for taking time to read this. I've had an interest in building my own guitar amps for some time now. I found a Fender Champ kit online that looks like a good place to start. I'm a technician by trade and I have expertise in soldering/electrical work, but I would like to eventually design and build my own amps. I am looking for a good guide book that can give me step by step instructions on how an amplifier works, what each component does, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.

Hey William,

Thanks for writing! Building your own guitar amplifier is a great idea. It means you'll be able to repair and troubleshoot amplifier problems, saving the high cost of having a repair person do it. I am not an expert on building amps but I use this website often when troubleshooting problems etc. Let me know if it works for you so stay in touch...Johnny


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