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never mind, i did figure out how to send the pics to you after all i thought about junking this thing but i took it to a friend of mine to look at and he started in on me about getting this thing fixed up and working again i complained about it having active pickups and i didnt feel i needed them but he said this guitar is worth alot of money and needs to be restored so to speak so i guess i will look into it after all it is a jackson. So it looks like i am gonna have to send you more than 2 pictures so you'll be getting another message.......

Hey Ray,

Thanks for writing! This is a great guitar. It was made between 1986-87 based on the headstock logo. It appears to be a Jackson JT6 model which were quite nice. In excellent condition, this model can fetch between $600 and $1,200 US Dollars. In a good economic market the guitar could be worth more to the right buyer. The trick here is to restore the guitar completely with original parts. The good news is that you can find any missing parts on Ebay. Let me know if you need any further help. Stay in touch...Johnny

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