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Flying v  

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Neck plate  
I picked up a Cortez Flying V at an auction. It is in very nice shape, and wanted to find out what the age and value are. It seems to have been hardly used. The only thing I can find is the neck plate says made in japan. I cannot locate any serial numbers. It is a cherry  colored body with whit face plate. Any thing else I can note or look for to learn more?

The Flying V is made by many guitar makers. Your guitars best point is it was made in Japan. They are know for great guitars, because so many others suck. I looked at a range of values put on the Cortez V and it is worth about $500.00. Most guitars never go up in price. There is just so many and always one better. The real price is what you paid for it. I would say because it was made in Japan it was built in the 1980's. I think 1985 with out seeing it.

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