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I just pick this guitar up for $30.  The serial number is 5000828.  The body has some pretty serious dings, but the sound seems pretty good.  I'm think about totally striping the whole guitar and carving s bass or something in the body for my son-in-law.  

My questions are:

1.  What's the best way to strip the finish  sanding or chemical?
2.  What kind of wood do you think the body is?  If it's basswood, carving it will be s piece of cake, but it it's alder or maple, things get a little more hairy.
3.  Will all my refinishing and carving totally destroy any value, if there is any?

I'm not a guitar player, just a carver, so any information or help would be greatly appreciated.


Aria guitars used alder, ash and a plywood like Squier guitars. It is very hard to tell until you get in to it. I ran your serial number and nothing came up. They were made in Japan and Korea. Later in China. I had a guitar in this group and I started to sand it. That was a mistake. They put a weird plaster like coating under the finish, can't tell till you get there.
I would go with chemical if you hit the white power when sanding. The value on these is not very high, I see them at $60.00 on ebay often. The value is what you paid for it, very few guitars go up in price by much. Good luck!

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