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I was just reading one of your answers aqbout a burny guitar and was wondering if you could help me.
I have a Nevada guitar ( I think it has to be Burny ) it is identical in every way to the Burny and I was wondering if it is the same company and if you could tell me how old it may be and if it is a good guitar.

thank you for your time

Hey Brendan

Tanks for writing! It sure does look like a Burny! Many of the guitars made by Burny and similar companies were sold under different names. The reason had to do with financial aspects of the import/export market. Companies would change the name of the guitar, making it appear to be from another company and offer that guitar exclusively to stores in specific geographic reasons. It was also a way for companies to try and revitalize their markets if they were down in sales. It is a very good guitar and rarer than the Hondo II Les Paul copies. I would say it was made in the late 1970s. The Klusen tuners are found on older Les Paul copies (and on the better copies). Let me know if you need more detailed information. Stay in touch...Johnny

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